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Help our elderly Redemptorists: be their light of hope today!

A message from Father Thomas Barrett, C.Ss.R.

In the early years of my priesthood, the needs of the faithful were great and I was young and filled with enough energy to walk the streets and meet people in their neighborhoods. I found Jesus on the streets and walked with him. I learned so much; I learned to see the needs of the poor; I learned to reach out to people in need of spiritual healing. As I look back, I thank you for helping me to provide help and create hope by the power of prayer.

Now I turn to you, to let you know that although I cannot walk the streets anymore, I am now your “champion in prayer.” I hope it helps you to know that someone is praying for your intentions every day. The petitions you send to the Perpetual Help Center in Philadelphia are remembered daily. You allow me to continue my pastoral ministry even though my body is failing me. Thank you!

Father Thomas Barrett, C.Ss.R.

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