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Lenten reflection, day 28

Scripture readings for today: Jeremiah 11:18-20; Psalm 7; John 7:40-53

In today’s Gospel the anger of the chief priests toward Jesus has reached the boiling point. Their vocation had been established by God to lead the worship of His people. This gave them prestige in Jewish society. Along with the Pharisees, they were expected to point the Chosen People toward God and His promises.

But now we see the chief priests and Pharisees beginning to feel jealous of Jesus, who had noted their interest in protecting their place in society.

Jesus seemed better accepted by the people. He spoke with authority. Even the temple guards said to the chief priests, “No one ever spoke like this man!”

And Jesus laughed at the errors of the chief priests. They had never bothered to check that Jesus had indeed been born in Bethlehem, as the prophet had predicted.

As we follow Jesus through Lent to the cross, today’s Gospel serves as a mirror. Have ambition and jealousy blinded us to the truth about ourselves and others?

We still have a few weeks left this Lent to redirect ourselves to God. Our Lenten confession especially can demonstrate our good resolution to put on “the mind of Christ” and will bring God’s forgiveness and support as we try to live our good resolutions.

Father Joseph Krastel, C.Ss.R.
Annapolis, Md.

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