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Since 1732, the Redemptorists — a congregation of missionary priests and brothers — have followed in Jesus’ footsteps, preaching the Word and serving the poor and most abandoned.
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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Come to the Jersey Shore to spend time with God as the summer draws to an end. The Redemptorists are having their annual summer retreat for our family, friends, coworkers in mission, our associates, and parishioners September 6-8 at San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch, NJ.

Our retreat masters are Redemptorist Frs. Patrick Woods and John McGowan. A light supper will be served at 6 p.m. on Friday, and the retreat will begin at 8 p.m. The weekend concludes with lunch at noon on Sunday. Registration is $170.

To make reservations, call San Alfonso Retreat during business hours at 732-222-2731 ext 140.


Please join us in congratulating the following Redemptorist priests and brothers who celebrate significant anniversaries this year of their religious profession and/or ordination to the priesthood.

A special Mass with family and friends was celebrated July 20 in the main chapel at Stella Maris in Timonium, MD.

Click here to view an album of photos from the celebration.

If you would like to send a personal note of congratulations and prayers, please write to We will forward your good wishes to the individual priest or brother.

Anniversary of Profession
65 Years
Rev. John Hennessy, C.Ss.R.
60 Years
Bro. Bernard Colleran, C.Ss.R.
Rev. John Devin, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Edward Gray, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Richard Knappik, C.Ss.R.
Rev. James O’Blaney, C.Ss.R.
Rev. William Spillane, C.Ss.R.
50 Years
Rev. Gordon Cannoles, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Edward Lynch, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Kevin Moley, C.Ss.R.
25 Years
Rev. Bruce Lewandowski, C.Ss.R.
Rev. John Murray II, C.Ss.R.


Anniversary of Ordination
60 Years
Rev. John Hennessy, C.Ss.R.


50 Years
Rev. Brendan Greany, C.Ss.R.
Rev. John Hamrogue, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Michael Hopkins, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Richard Poetzel, C.Ss.R.
40 Years
Rev. Charles Hergenroeder, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Eric Hoog, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. J. Frank Jones, C.Ss.R.
Rev. John Murray, C.Ss.R.
25 Years
Very Rev. Alfred Bradley, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Kenneth Gaddy, C.Ss.R.





By Fr. Kevin MacDonald, C.Ss.R.

Many families take the summer off — from everything. When school gets out, so does church, so do prayers before meals, so does practicing the faith.

I can understand part of the reason. It is easier to keep a schedule during the school months. There is a time to rise in the morning, a time for breakfast, a time to catch the bus, a time for homework, a time for bed. When the summer finally comes around, there is less pressure to keep to a schedule. People tend to stay up later, visit more, and sleep later. That is fine. It is part of the re-creation that is needed at certain times of the year.

If I could make a suggestion, perhaps summer could be a time to try different faith experiences. You could combine a trip to beach with a visit to a new site for Sunday Mass. Chances are you could find a church with a later starting time or you could go on a Saturday night. What about a summer plan of visiting different churches in your area? God does not take the summer off in loving us, so we need to keep up the effort in living our faith.

Another part of the difficulty in living our faith is that “faith” is such a difficult word to understand. We can understand other words because we can visualize them in our minds. When someone says, “popsicle,” you might even start to taste the frozen juice sliding across your lips and onto your tongue. If you have an exceptional imagination, a mental picture of a popsicle could make your teeth ache with the cold. Visualizing faith is much more difficult, but not impossible.

Faith is the smile that cannot be contained because you are sure that God is alive. Faith is worship and adoration that is as serious and determined as burrowing out of a collapsed building. You see a small splinter of light from the surface and you do everything in your power to reach it. Faith is knowing not only that the beauty of God surrounds us, but that it envelopes us totally; even to the level of the cells that make up our body. Faith is life, with all its joys and sorrows.

Life does not stop in the summertime and neither should our faith. In fact, maybe this summer we can set out to deepen our faith. We can try a new experience of prayer. Perhaps we could try “Prayer of Quiet.” After saying all we need to say to God, we give God the opportunity to communicate with us. It is very challenging because the summer also brings its share of distractions. If we try it at the beach, we might have to deal with biting insects or blowing sand. If we try it on the top of a mountain, we might meet a whole set of other distractions, including our tiredness. 

The point is to keep on trying. God will bless our efforts because God, too, knows the attractions of summer. I’m sure that Jesus, as a young boy, dreamed of summer afternoons and how far he could wander in the hills of Galilee before he had to turn back for home. 

Summertime experiences of fun, exploration, and travel can be natural accelerants to faith. It just takes a little imagination — and faith — and God will be closer than ever.

(Originally published in the Catholic Chronicle of St. Lucia)

Fr. Kevin MacDonald professed vows as a Redemptorist in 1987 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1991. He is a mission preacher stationed at St. Patrick’s Parish in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.




The annual Redemptorist Preaching Institute will be held August 19-22 at San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch, NJ.

Speakers include:

  • Denver Provincial Fr. Harry Grile
  • Fr. Gary Ziuraitis, director of communications for the General Government
  • Brother Dan Korn
  • Rocco Palmo, author of the Whispers in the Loggia blog
  • Fr. Dave Dwyer, director of the Paulists’ popular Busted Halo ministry
  • Fr. Richard Hart, OFM Cap., prolific author and retreat master
  • Deacon Greg Kandra, author of the Deacon’s Bench blog

Cost is $350 per person. For more information visit or contact Fr. John Murray at




The four Vietnamese Redemptorists being ordained today, from left,
Hung Tran, Thang Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, and Quang Van Tran, pictured
serving Mass at a Redemptorist gathering.











Please remember in your prayers four Vietnamese Redemptorists who will be ordained deacons July 2 in their home diocese of Saigon, Vietnam. All four came to the United States in 2010 and began English-language studies at Boston University before being accepted in 2011 into the master’s of divinity program at  St. John’s Seminary in Boston. They expect to complete their studies this fall, and anticipate ordination to the priesthood in 2014.

 The four Redemptorists being ordained are:

  • Peter Linh Nguyen, C.Ss.R. (Dak Lak, Vietnam)
  • Joseph Thang Nguyen, C.Ss.R. (Dong Nai, Vietnam)
  • Joseph Hung Tran, C.Ss.R. (Thanh Hoa, Vietnam)
  • Francis Quang Van Tran, C.Ss.R. (Saigon, Vietnam)

In addition, Joseph Thang Nguyen professed his final vows as a Redemptorist on July 1. The other three made their final profession in 2009.

The Redemptorists’ Vietnam Province is experiencing tremendous growth, but lacks resources to adequately prepare all of their seminarians for ordination. During the General Chapter in 2009, the Baltimore Province agreed to allow four Vietnamese students to complete their formation in the United States.

Please pray for them and for the Redemptorists and the Church in Vietnam.