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Since 1732, the Redemptorists — a congregation of missionary priests and brothers — have followed in Jesus’ footsteps, preaching the Word and serving the poor and most abandoned.
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Yearly Archives: 2012

God of new beginnings and fresh hope,
you are timeless and yet come to us “in time.”
We offer you all that has been
and ask you to bless all that will be:
a blessing for our family members and friends,
living and deceased;
patience in dealing with problems and problem people;
trust in times of sickness.
Give us grace to grow,
courage for our challenges,
and sweeten our successes with your joy.
Urge us to love you more by loving others
and forgiving hurts,
for You are a God who resets the clock
by forgetting our past.
Inspire us to pray daily with sincerity of heart
and assist us to be the persons you call us to be
in this world, in this time, this day.


Redemptorist Fr. Kevin O’Neil recently wrote a guest editorial in the New York Times, offering some perspective on the tragic events in Newtown, CT, and Webster, NY, that left many communities struggling this Christmas.

He writes:

…The question in their hearts then, as it is in so many hearts these days, is “Why?”

The truest answer is: I don’t know. I have theological training to help me to offer some way to account for the unexplainable. But the questions linger. I remember visiting a dear friend hours before her death and reminding her that death is not the end, that we believe in the Resurrection. I asked her, “Are you there yet?” She replied, “I go back and forth.” There was nothing I wanted more than to bring out a bag of proof and say, “See? You can be absolutely confident now.” But there is no absolute bag of proof. I just stayed with her. A life of faith is often lived “back and forth” by believers and those who minister to them.

Implicit here is the question of how we look to God to act and to enter our lives. For whatever reason, certainly foreign to most of us, God has chosen to enter the world today through others, through us. We have stories of miraculous interventions, lightning-bolt moments, but far more often the God of unconditional love comes to us in human form, just as God did over 2,000 years ago.

Read the rest here.




It’s been a busy season around the Baltimore Province for sharing the Good News of God’s love!

We began with the celebration of the feast of the Virgen de la Divina Providencia, patroness of Puerto Rico. Redemptorists at Immaculate Conception Parish in Bronx held a special Mass to honor Our Lady under this title.

Thanksgiving was a busy one in the Bronx as hundreds of parishioners and neighbors gathered for a complete feast in the parish hall. Volunteers brought meals to those who weren’t able to make it.

In December, festivities hit a high point with the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our confreres at Visitation BVM Parish in the Kensington section of Philadelphia participated in a procession to the Philadelphia Cathedral where they celebrated Mass.

In Lima, OH, at St. Gerard’s Parish collected gifts for the needy throughout Advent. As in so many other Redemptorist communities throughout our Province, the season was truly a time for preparing the way for the Lord by serving our brothers and sisters in need.




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Dearest Jesus, who wept at the death of your friend and taught that they who mourn shall be comforted, grant us the comfort of your presence in our loss. Send your Holy Spirit to direct us lest we make hasty or foolish decisions. Send your Spirit to give us courage lest through fear we recoil from living. Send your Spirit to bring us your peace lest bitterness, false guilt, or regret take root in our hearts.

The Lord has given. The Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

O sweet mother Mary, who knew the sadness of mourning those your heart loved most — Jesus, your Son, and Joseph, your devoted spouse — pray for us in our time of loss. Amen.


Excerpted from “The Discourse for Christmas Night,” included in “The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ,” by St. Alphonsus Liguori

Glory to the divine love, which induced God to become a little child, poor and lowly, to live a hard life, and to die a cruel death, in order to show man the love which he bears him, to gain his love in return. … We see, in this stable, says St. Laurence Justinian, the power of God, as it were, annihilated; we see God, who is wisdom itself, become as it were a fool through the excess of love which he bears to men. …
Arise, all ye nobles and peasants; Mary invites all, rich and poor, just and sinners, to enter the cave of Bethlehem, to adore and to kiss the feet of her new-born Son. Go in, then, all ye devout souls; go and see the Creator of heaven and earth on a little hay, under the form of a little Infant; but so beautiful that he sheds all around rays of light. Now that he is born and is lying on the straw, the cave is no longer horrible, but is become a paradise. Let us enter; let us not be afraid.
Jesus is born; he is born for all, for each one who desires him. …
Flowers in gardens are shut up and enclosed between walls, nor is every one permitted to come and gather them; whereas the flowers of the field are open to all, and anyone who likes may take them; and so does Jesus Christ desire to be accessible to all who desire him. …
Let us arise and enter, the door is open … Monarchs are shut up in their palaces, and the palaces are surrounded with soldiers; it is not easy to have audiences with princes; those who would speak to them must expect to have their patience tried. … Jesus Christ does not do so; he remains in that cave; and he is there as a little child, attracting all who come to seek him; and the cave is open without guards and without doors; so that all may go in when they please to seek him and speak to him; and even to embrace this Infant King, if they love him and desire him. Let every soul, then, enter.

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