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Since 1732, the Redemptorists — a congregation of missionary priests and brothers — have followed in Jesus’ footsteps, preaching the Word and serving the poor and most abandoned.
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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Baltimore Vice Provincial Alfred Bradley recently traveled to Haiti with Very Rev. Mario Bois, the provincial of the Ste. Anne de Beaupre Province, to survey the situation on the ground for the Redemptorists months after the January 12 earthquake that leveled much of the country.

The Redemptorists in Haiti are part of the Ste. Anne de Beaupre Province, and Father Bradley was named by Superior General Michael Brehl to a committee that will help coordinate rebuilding efforts there.

If you would like to contribute to the Redemptorists’ ongoing rebuilding efforts in Haiti, click here. Please enter "Haiti" in the "in honor/in memory of" box.

Here are Father Bradley’s reflections and some photos from the June visit:

Haiti is a land of tremendous contrast. The beauty of nature coexists with the destructive aftermath of the earthquake. Prosperity and privation, sacrifice and suffering, life and death are all starkly apparent. The reality assails the senses. Unimaginable poverty is endured daily by people of deep faith; the first experience compels them to cry out in lamentation, the second enkindles a trust that often is voiced in songs of praise to God. 

During my recent visit, I sat under a makeshift shelter at twilight, sharing a common pot of spaghetti and hot dogs with a group of Redemptorist students. They talked about their sorrows and their hopes. They continue to live and study in the rubble of what was once their house of formation. They sleep now in tents and study under the light of a few dim bulbs, but somehow they find the strength to sing Mary’s Magnificat in a harmony that would melt the hardest heart. 

With Redemptorist confreres from Haiti and Canada, I visited a shelter for the elderly and infirm. Abandoned by their families, they were embraced by a group of sisters. Some of the senior citizens had lost limbs in the earthquake, but they were not impaired from joyfully welcoming Father Jean Claude Bergeron, a French-Canadian Redemptorist, who had once cared for many of them. Their mutual affection was not obscured by their tears. 

On the damaged grounds of St. Gerard Parish, where a large school once stood, I visited the hallowed place that now gently holds the bodies of hundreds of students and parishioners, buried in haste in a common grave. Tangled rebar and debris cover the area. Those who still struggle pass quickly by those who are now at rest. Life goes on.

The many children in Brother Fritz’s orphanage welcomed us with open arms and hands. Father Mario brought candy. The little ones, who had lost everything and everyone, greeted us as if we were the Magi bearing gifts. They sang and danced and played as if nothing bad had ever happened to them. Their innocence is a gift that inoculates them from their unimaginable losses. 

Across from the crumbling sanctuary of St. Gerard’s Church, I witnessed the ordination of a young priest on the convent grounds. A congregation of more than 1,000 people joined in singing the litany of the saints, as the young man to be ordained lay prostrate on bare cement, an open-air amphitheater his sanctuary. His first Mass was celebrated on a simple wooden table rather than on a magnificent marble altar. His brother, a seminarian with another community, died in the earthquake. Still, with tears of joy, Father Francois Marie gave his first priestly blessing to his parents and confreres.

We have so much and they have so little. It hardly seems right. How can we make a difference, I wonder? Trying to care is like St. Augustine trying to empty the entire ocean into a tiny hole in the sand. Nevertheless, God and this place of tremendous contrast compel us to do what we can. After all, "the light shines on in the darkness"


Redemptorists from the Baltimore Province will gather July 17 to celebrate the jubilee anniversaries of profession and ordination of more than 40 men who have dedicated their lives to preaching God’s bountiful love.

A special Mass will be offered for Redemptorists and friends in the main chapel at Stella Maris in Timonium, MD.

If you would like to send prayers or words of congratulations to one or all of our jubilarians, send us an email at

Anniversary of Profession

70 Years
Rev. John Salamon, C.Ss.R.

65 Years
Rev. Karl Aschmann, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Eugene Grohe, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Carl Hoegerl, C.Ss.R.

60 Years
Rev. John Bauer, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Andrew Carr, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Thomas Lacey, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Gerard Oberle, C.Ss.R.
Brother Raphael Rock, C.Ss.R.
Rev. William Tracy, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Donald Winter, C.Ss.R.

50 Years
Rev. John Connor, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Andrew Costello, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Thomas Deely, C.Ss.R.
Brother John Bosco Hammond, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Lawrence Kearns, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Clement Krug, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Anthony Russo, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Arthur Tuttle, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Terence Wall, C.Ss.R.

40 Years
Rev. Alistair McKay, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. John McKenna, C.Ss.R.

25 Years
Rev. Daniel Francis, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Patrick Keyes, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Fulvio Lopez, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Jose Rodriguez, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Ramon Valdez, C.Ss.R.


Anniversary of Ordination

65 Years
Rev. John Salamon, C.Ss.R.

60 Years
Rev. Karl Aschmann, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Eugene Grohe, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Carl Hoegerl, C.Ss.R.

50 Years
Rev. John Furey, C.Ss.R.
Rev. William Gaffney, C.Ss.R.
Rev. James Geiger, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Theodore Heyburn, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Ruskin Piedra, C.Ss.R.

40 Years
Very Rev. Raymond Collins, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Kevin Moley, C.Ss.R.
Rev. José Rached, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Thomas Siconolfi, C.Ss.R.
Rev. James Wallace, C.Ss.R.

25 Years
Rev. Terry Baez, C.Ss.R.
Rev. James Dowds, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. Mark Owen, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Glenn Parker, C.Ss.R.
Very Rev. John Tizio, C.Ss.R.


James P. McCabe, a native of Red Bank, NJ, will profess his final vows in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Redemptorists) July 17 in the main chapel at Stella Maris in Timonium, MD. His profession will take place during an 11 a.m. Mass that will also celebrate the jubilee anniversaries of more than 40 Redemptorist priests and brothers in the Baltimore Province.

“I think it’s important that we take final vows before ordination. It’s important to realize that I am first a Redemptorist — that I am committing to a way of life dedicated to Jesus Christ and to the Redemptorist motto: plentiful redemption,” McCabe said. “That is why Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead, to bring the Good News that God loves creation and wants all creation to be united with him.”

McCabe, 53, is the oldest of four children of Robert and Vivian McCabe. He earned a bachelor’s in business administration from The Citadel in 1979, and then served as an electronic warfare officer (lieutenant) aboard the USS Peleliu in Long Beach, CA, from 1979-83.

He first entered the Redemptorists in 1983. He pursued philosophy and theology studies and completed novitiate, but chose to leave the order in 1987.

McCabe then pursued a career in economic and community development in the Staten Island and New York City areas. He was also active in Nativity Parish in Fair Haven, NJ, serving as a lector and a Eucharistic minister. He married in 1993, but divorced and was granted an annulment in 2002.

He earned a master’s in business administration from Dowling College in 2005, and re-entered the Redemptorists in 2006, pursuing theology studies at Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C. In 2009, the Redemptorists relocated their theology program to Boston College where McCabe finished his master’s in divinity in May.

“The Redemptorists realize that Christ redeemed the world and did not judge it, and I was attracted to that charism — they are men committed to reminding people that we are redeemed,” McCabe said. “I was also impressed with the quality of the men — their lives are centered on Jesus Christ.”

McCabe is scheduled to be ordained a deacon Sept. 4, 2010, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., and is expected to be ordained to the priesthood in May 2011. His pastoral assignment before ordination is to St. Martin of Tours Church, a Redemptorist parish in Bethpage, NY.

To learn more about becoming a Redemptorist, click here.