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There are 22 active parishes served by Redemptorist priests and brothers of the Baltimore Province. These parishes are located in the United States and the Caribbean and serve a wide range of cultures. All are honored for their heritage and every effort is made to support their particular needs. The Redemptorists see cultural diversity as a special gift to the community.

In Brooklyn, NY, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish has ministered to a growing Chinese community since 1995. Over time, the parish has offered liturgies, faith formation, RCIA, and marriage preparation in Chinese to some 300 Catholic families living in the parish. The parishioners today find many opportunities to celebrate their heritage and to evangelize within their community.

In parishes throughout the province, Redemptorists minister to Hispanics of various cultures — Puerto Ricans, Ecuadorians, Mexicans, Dominicans, migrant farm workers and others — each with cherished individual heritages, who make up the largest minority in the United States. The ministries especially thrive in places with large Hispanic populations such as New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

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