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Lay Collaboration

Since the Congregation's beginnings, the Redemptorists have been active supporters of lay collaboration and welcome the laity into our life and ministry. In the 18th century in the streets of Naples, our founder, St. Alphonsus Liguori, established evening prayer chapels run by the laity.

Over the last 20 years, the Congregation's governing body has encouraged the development of programs with the laity that share the rich heritage of Alphonsian and Redemptorist spirituality.

This is happening in Redemptorist units all over the world. Full-time lay people help preach parish missions in the Philippines. Lay catechists help the Redemptorists teach throughout Africa. Lay associates participate in vocational discernment and recruitment, and in outreach programs to the poor and homeless. Lay missionaries work alongside the Redemptorists supporting them on parish missions and in other ministries.

There are interesting possibilities for active lay collaboration with the Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province. One such opportunity is the the Redemptorist Associate Program. Established in the Baltimore Province in 1991, the program offers laity the opportunity to learn more about Alphonsian spirituality, Redemptorist history and charism. Several Redemptorist parishes have active Redemptorist Associate groups.

For more information, contact your Redemptorist parish.

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