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The path to the life of a priest or brother

Our first encounter may be a phone call or an introduction after Mass, or it may also be a visit to your home. However we meet, we would like you to tell us about your goals, your relationship with Jesus and the faith you practice. We would also like to know what may have led you to inquire about the Redemptorists.

We will share with you our thoughts about life as a religious and how we might play a part in your future. Your journey will continue as you join other men your age by attending one of our retreats.

Crossroads Retreats

Crossroads is a weekend retreat program that offers you the opportunity to reflect more on "what more you can do" with the gifts God has given you. Crossroads has helped numerous young men develop the skills and practice of prayer, of learning Gospel values, of living as Christian men, and of serving those in need. This retreat offers men the chance to experience this uniqueness as it allows them to participate as often as they like and for as long as they like.

If you are in high school, you will have the opportunity to attend two weekend retreats at one of our retreat houses. These "junior" retreats give you a chance to learn more about the Redemptorist way of life and how you can live the values of the Gospel in your everyday lives. You will spend time talking, praying, and learning about life with a team of Redemptorists and lay people, and join other young men who feel the call to serve.

These Crossroads retreats are further enhanced by our week-long summer program that gives you an opportunity to live, work, pray, eat and socialize with men of the same age. This summer program takes place in a Redemptorist parish and community.

If you are in college or out in the working world, you also have the opportunity to attend two weekend retreats at one of the many retreat houses in our province. The "senior" retreats offer you a chance to learn more about the Redemptorist way of life as well as concentrate on your relationship with God. Each weekend has a particular theme, which emphasizes and focuses on St. Alphonsus' spirituality.

Come & See Weekends

If you would like to take an in-depth look at the Redemptorist way of life, we invite you to join us for a "Come and See" weekend program. You spend several days at one of our houses of formation; living as part of the community with Redemptorist priests, brothers and seminarians. You attend classes at one of the universities, take part in the work we do, spend time in prayer and conversation. We also provide you with a series of talks throughout the weekend on topics that range from seminary life, vows, the application process and finally how to pay for your education.

Stages of Formation

Postulancy: You will live with other postulants and Redemptorists at our houses of formation. During a two-year period, you will take classes in philosophy or pre-theology, and work with a spiritual director to gain a deeper understanding of God's plan for your life. You will study history, theology, scripture, morality, and more.

Novitiate: After you've successfully completed postulancy, you can apply for the next step of formation. As a novice, you spend a year away from academics. During this time, you and other novices study the Redemptorist life, rule, and spirituality while you work to expand your understanding of God's plan for you. If you discern that you are truly called, at the end of your novitiate year, you will be able to take temporary vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and receive your habit (the clothes you will wear as a Redemptorist).

Profession: You'll return to your academic studies after your novitiate. Men preparing for the priesthood complete the graduate program in theology, earning a master's degree in divinity. Those who choose to become brothers complete the studies needed to prepare them for their ministry.

During the summers while you are in formation, you live and work in Redemptorist parishes, taking part in parish life and service to the poor. You will also take classes in Spanish, a language essential in the work we do overseas and in the U.S.

After three to six years of professing temporary vows, you may make your final profession of vows, which marks your permanent commitment to the Redemptorists. In addition to professing permanent vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, Redemptorists profess a fourth vow of perseverance in the order.

Those who have been in formation for five years when they complete their academic and theological studies can be ordained as a Redemptorist priest or professed as a brother. If you have not been in formation for five years, you will spend a year working in a Redemptorist parish to gain additional experience before ordination.

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