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Feb. 25 Approbation of the CSSR Rule in 1749


Today we recall the approbation (approval) of the C.Ss.R. rule.

In 1732 St. Alphonsus founded the religious congregation that would come to be known as The Redemptorists. But on this day in 1749, Pope Benedict XIV officially approved the congregation's rule.

We quote from the cssr.com website:

Alphonsus could never be shaken in the belief that his Congregation, under the protection of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, would labour vigorously together with the Church in the task of winning the world for Christ. Hence, with all his might he exerted himself to secure the spread of the Congregation.

He sought to give it interior strength by means of a vow of perseverance (1740) and simple vows. He strove to have it officially recognized by the supreme authority of the Church. In this last he finally succeeded when the Supreme Pontiff, Benedict XIV, on the 25th of February, 1749, solemnly approved both the Institute and its Constitutions and Rule.

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